Enterprise Resource Planning

Your financial operations controlled more efficiently.


ERP is a product focused on the financial management for small and medium business, especially in the services segment.

Learn how to benefit from using an ERP system.

Keep all your company's records and access whenever you need it.

Quickly exchange information with your accountant by exporting data and documents in seconds.

Gain visibility into operations and obtain important reports about your business.

Manage your business without the hassle of not having information for quick decision making.

ERP controls a number of key operations for a business.





Bills to Pay

Bills to Receive

Cash Flow

Service Invoice Issuance

Direct Document Attachment in Accounts Payable and Receivable Operations

Data and document export

Service contract management with recurrence

Issue Invoices

It is easy to set up

It has an intuitive user interface and allows you to view financial results in your main work window.

Gets better together with other tools like: ECM | BPM | CRM.

Product Inbound and Outbound
(Inventory Control)

Inventory management is done from purchasing entries and invoicing. Include as many stocks as needed and define how items are tracked: by series, batch, expiration date, and manufacture. Make sales for future deliveries if it is not a controlled product.

Financial Management
(Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable)

Controls the accounts receivable and payable automatically and manually. Keeps accounts up to date, handles invoices manually or from bank integration or with payment gateways. Allows transfer between system accounts and cost center link.

Recurring Services / Contracts

Service companies can automate the billing and billing flow for recurring services.
The system controls and makes invoice deliveries by e-mail and manages the receipts related to the registered contract.


Billing occurs from the recurrence record or from a sales order. In this step the system controls the stock issues and generates the receivables. It also enables delivery.


An invoiced order can be delivered in partially or in full. Upon delivery, the type of control configured in the product register is validated.

Deadline Management

Contract deadlines are also managed from alerts and identification of contracts on the anniversary and renewal period.

Stock Replenishment and Accounts Payable

Add purchase orders and automatically enter inventory and payables.

Billing Notifications and Due Alerts

Set up your automatic billing notifications and have the system send alerts for titles that are coming due or due.

Posting Analysis /
Account Statements

Add purchase orders and automatically enter inventory and payables.

Demand Tracking
(Budgets and Orders)

Budgets can be converted to approved orders, or you can directly create an order including all sales, delivery and billing conditions. .

Visibility of Transactions /
Cash Flow

Quickly view the financial transactions of all registered accounts in various ways. Get Predicted, Planned and Realized Cash Flow; Analytical and synthetic cash flow and statements.

Financial Obligations Quick View Dashboards

Distinct reports and graphs are available by function. This allows a quick view of the user's main operations, such as accounts payable on day, accounts receivable on day, among others.

Invoicing / Invoices

Quotations can be converted to approved orders, or an order can be created directly including all conditions of sale, delivery and invoicing.

Receipt Issue

Reconciliation can be done quickly from the OFX file. Import files and identify releases easily (awaiting release).

Role Access Profiles

Enable the user in at least one role so that they can work in ERP. More than 10 different profiles for more efficient control.

Thinking about the future

With ever-changing government and market demands, using technology is essential for the financial health, maintenance and expansion of micro and small businesses.

ERP keeps all information structured and helps businesses achieve goals regardless of the size of the business.

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