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Once you have completed the purchase, your login and password will be sent to your e-mail.
Log in for the first time and you will be guided through the tours available on each product within the platform (ECM and BPM).
If you have questions, you can contact our support team during US business hours for help and tips on setting up your work environment. Click in the link .
We also created various process models that can be imported into your base and used quickly.


The payment is monthly and you can cancel anytime without penalty or penalty clauses.
It will be an honor to have you continue with us, if you are satisfied with our products and services.


All you need to start using the service is to have broadband Internet access and receive your dedicated address (your company URL with login and password).
No installation is required except the plugin for recognizing scanner drivers or all-in-one drivers for document scanning, which is downloaded in seconds, and you can easily run to enable scanning features.
Browse the platform through the major browsers in the market, among them the most suitable are Google Chrome and Firefox.


The service is prepaid, the payment will be done at the time of the purchase for the minimum package contracted. In the next month, your invoice will be equal to the minimum contracted amount + if exceeds consumption.


The platform is intuitive and is designed in a way that the user can easily use it, even if they are not an IT expert.
Plus, the free process templates lets you move quickly through deployment by just importing those templates and making minor adjustments, if necessary.
Our team is always ready to kindly help you get started with the platform and whenever you or someone on your team needs it.
You will not need to invest a lot of money in deployment and training to get started, and we will do our best to help you reach your goals.
But if you still want us to implement everything, no problem, we can do it at an extremely affordable cost.

Your university and school in the digital age

Educafy is the ideal product for educational institutions, enabling documents to be accessed quickly across departments and distributed more efficiently;
Student documents, contracts , invoices, and other documents that are received daily can be controlled by Educafy .

With Educafy you can centralize all information in a single repository in ECM, eliminating the use of paper and manual processes.

  • Archive and share documents with departments faster and more securely.
  • Share content with non-platform users at no additional cost.
  • Find archived documents in seconds using combinations of indexing filters, attributes, or right in the folder.
  • Local or decentralized capture 100% web, physical document scanning, multifunction, webcam and mobile.
  • Image processing, with automated indexing through artificial intelligence associated with OCR (optional).
  • Control the documents versions inserted into the platform, and set the length of time they should be stored.
  • Flexible structure for your documents, create folders and set permissions in seconds.
  • Automatically import and store your suppliers invoices in XML by integrating it into the payment flow.

Fast and easy process automation based on artificial intelligence

Automate processes with Educafy BPM, no coding or hiring expensive, time-consuming consulting.

Platform BPM enables unlimited process creation at no additional cost.

Quickly start using templates for processes in the platform, like payment flow and many others.

With Educafy, you have the freedom to create new processes and spread process management across all departments in the company.

We provide free online university training to employees to help them create their own processes, available for plans with 25 users or more.

Start using templates right away

Use the templates for process for free to get started right away for educational intitutions, with no cost to develop, deploy, or train, and easily create new processes that fits your reality.

  • Enrollment Application
  • Content Creation
  • Purchase order
  • Contract management
  • Payment authorization
  • Student service
  • Expenses refund
  • Recruitment and selection

Know the features of each product that are part of the platform

ECM - Enterprise Content Management


BPM - Business Process Management


CRM - Customer Relationship Management


ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning


BI - Business Intelligence

Process Automation, Capture and Image Processing Based on Artificial Intelligence

With unlimited learning potential, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the corporate world.
Its power of action ranges from recognizing patterns applied by users when performing routine activities such as: approving a process, classifying and indexing documents, to decision making based on data and/or predefined standards.
With more and more data available, technology can be used to perform complex actions much faster than humans.


Integrate Educafy with all your favorite tools. ‍

Set up and work with thousands of applications through Zapier or the Educafy API.



The platform was built on the White Label concept: it provides the ability to customize using your own brand. ‍

Each customer is provided with a workspace with a unique URL, which is customizable, ensuring privacy and security of their information.‍

Everything is centralized and under the control of the administrator.

Join thousands of companies being impacted by the Educafy platform in over 50 countries.

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